The importance of the tag for Alpisoles

The importance of the tag for Alpisoles

The issue of the traceability of the products purchased by end consumers,  has gradually become a topic of growing interest and this because each of us would like to be aware of the entire production process of the items we buy.  

AL. PI. Soles has always been very sensitive on this topic and precisely from the desire to be able to keep track of all the products that are sold to our buyers, the company has decided to benefit of an excellent ally:  the alphanumeric tag.

All soles patented by AL. PI. Soles, in fact, whether they are those equipped with the OC System, Commodo or Wout are sold together with an alphanumeric tag characterized by an identification number that the shoe factory applies on at least one of the shoes.

This is a method adopted since the beginning of AL.PI. production,  precisely in order to provide a service as efficient as possible, the presence of the multilingual alphanumeric tag and the code  consisting of seven characters, a letter and six numbers, has in fact been fundamental over the years to develop and maintain a traceability of production.

Each purchase made at the company is therefore linked by a unique tag in which you can identify fundamental information, such as:
– the attestation of the originality of the product;
– the progressive number.

Data that are then accurately recorded through the help of a database, also with the aim of being able to trace back to the shoe manufacturer that took care of the realization of the shoes and to be able to guarantee services and future assistance.  

In the case of purchases made for soles that support the anti-slipping solution with international patent OC System,  you will also find useful information about the utilization.

The system, depending on the use that is made of the shoe, needs a periodic   replacement, and this because despite the nails are made of tempered steel and therefore   very resistant, they are still subject to consumption in terms of protrusion and proportionally  lose their peculiarity of non-slipping.

And it is precisely for this reason that we always recommend keeping the tag that accompanies the shoe, because after identifying the exact system applied to the sole through the  progressive  reference number, and once we will also be provided with the size of the same, it will be much easier to order spare parts or replace the object itself. 

In case of need for instructions about the replacement of the system, you can view on the site the dedicated section to the topic!

For any information related to our products or if you need help with replacements of one of our systems, do not hesitate to contact us at:  segreteria@alpisoles.com or at the telephone number  0733.898030

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