We work with our clients on concept and design, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies that make the most of CAD/CAM systems and 3D printers.


We are equipped with cutting-edge plastic-moulding technologies that enable us to guarantee manufacturing of the highest quality.

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We offer all of our experience and expertise to deliver products of the highest quality.

OC System

The innovative non-slip solution for your soles.


BE-LIGHT is the result of ongoing research by AL.PI. into lightweight compounds.


A convincing solution for tailor-made comfort.


The sole with water-draining tread to give you great grip, even in the wet.

Here at ALPI, we are a young, dynamic company with what it takes to support our clients, by dealing consummately with the concept, design and manufacturing phases of every project, deploying the finest technologies and leveraging the skills of highly qualified and motivated technical personnel.

Every OCSYSTEM, COMMODO and WOUT sole comes complete with a data sheet showing the recommendations and instructions for use. Also printed on the sheet is a unique identifier code that enables us to ensure excellent quality control by guaranteeing traceability of the production batch.

For the OCSYSTEM models, the identifier code also allows us to trace the replacement system, if applicable. We recommend, therefore, that you keep the data sheet in a safe place.

We are a reliable partner for your company, as we can draw on more than twenty years of experience in the manufacture of soles and technical products. At ALPI, we offer clients a wide range of services, including research, design, prototyping, manufacturing and post-sales advice.

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