Project Commodo®

Discover the innovative concept for a comfort sole, patented by ALPI
AL.PI. Soles

A high-tech sole designed to be extendable, for personalized comfort right throughout the day.

No-compromise comfort for your feet: if you suffer from swelling, asymmetry, bunions or other problems that make normal footwear uncomfortable, Commodo® – in combination with a well-built upper – gives you footwear that fits you perfectly.

Commodo® is all about elasticity and softness, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art materials that guarantee lightness, resistance to wear-and-tear and unrivalled flexibility.

If you wish, the Commodo® system can be used to achieve permanent stabilisation of the fit of your shoe.

Commodo®: wellbeing for your feet.

The concept was to design a comfort sole that fits you like a glove.

The COMMODO sole, in combination with a well-built upper, makes your footwear fit you like a glove.

Every COMMODO sole comes complete with the relevant information and instructions for use. Using the unique code on the sheet, we can ensure excellent quality control by guaranteeing traceability of the production batch. We recommend, therefore, that you keep the data sheet in a safe place.

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