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Mountain, ice, snow, mud…
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The ideal environment, where OCsystem® becomes an indispensable tool for your freedom of movement, even in your workplaces.

You can forget about slipping – with the application of OCsystem®, which can be certified on safety footwear, you bring the risk right down.

OCsystem® is the innovative, internationally patented non-slip solution.

In many cities and regions around the world, the climate forces people to live and work in contact with surfaces that ice renders particularly dangerous. In environments subject to these conditions, no one – whether they are used to them or not – can ever feel confident and carefree as they walk around.

OCsystem® is the patented solution that solves this problem once and for all.

The application of the non-slip system increases the grip afforded by the footwear, making walking on any ice-covered surface a comfortable and stable experience.

OCsystem® is applied to the sole during manufacture, becoming an integral part of it. The system is composed of a frame made from a special polyurethane that retains its properties of elasticity and resistance even at extreme temperatures. This structure features a series of small, stainless-steel pins.

Follow the instructions provided on the data sheet that comes with every piece of footwear.

Download a copy of the ROTOR and TIPPER data sheets:

ROTOR data sheet

TIPPER data sheet

The system can easily be replaced by following the instructions provided.

You can purchase it directly from our store, which will be online shortly.

Refer to the tutorial on this site.

Every OCSYSTEM sole comes complete with a data sheet providing the relevant information and instructions for use. Thanks to the unique identifier code on the sheet, we can ensure excellent quality control by guaranteeing traceability of the production batch. For the OCSYSTEM models, thanks to this code we can even trace the replacement system, if used.

We recommend, therefore, that you keep the data sheet in a safe place.

You will soon be able to buy it from our online store.

Contact us to receive advice on the innovative OCSystem for your winter footwear!


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