The three main advantages of a COMMODO sole

The three main advantages of a COMMODO sole


The general belief when we hear about comfortable footwear, usually coincides with a single concept: seniority. But the truth is that nothing could be further from the truth for COMMODO system, and with this article we are going to explain why.

Our society is constantly evolving, and along with it also is our lifestyle; we are overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of the cities and this inevitably reflects on our feet as well.
As a matter of fact, not everyone know that throughout the day, our foot is prone to a countless number of changes.
In the morning it tends to have a drier conformation and a smaller size, but after a day spent away from home, just like us, they also tend to change their connotations, especially in relation to an increased swelling.
The use of incorrect footwear obviously does not benefit this situation, but don’t worry, because AL.PI. Soles can offer you a solution!


COMMODO Sole by AL.PI. Soles
COMMODO Sole by AL.PI. Soles


Why choose COMMODO?

COMMODO was born from a morphological experience of all individuals and here are the three main advantages of choosing a patented sole with this system:


Even though there are different types of measurement systems (such as the metric one, the American or the French) for almost all of them the lenght of the foot has gone through a standardization process, but instead what has remained in the background is the concept of volumetry, also called fit in technical language.
What does it mean?
Well, although several individuals may fall within size 36, the volumetry it’s rarely going to coincide. And this depends on countless elements, just think of the zones of origins, the use that is made of the footwear, if we are referring to sedentary or athletics subjects or simply from genetics and our physical charateristics.
Without forgetting of the little differences common to all of us, such us the weight’s imbalance that almost in all cases is increased in one leg rather than the other.
So basically, as there is no perfect symmetry between the right and the left side of our body, this concept also applies to our limbs, as normally the morphology of the foot does not turn out to be the same. The main goal of COMMODO, is precisely to solve this kind of problem: with an adequate contruction of the shoe and thanks to the ability to extend of this sole, able to wider or tighten up on the basis of the physical characteristics of the person, it becomes possible to adapt a foot inside the shoe.


All of us have faced at least once in our life, the distress of wearing the incorrect size of shoes.
When the shoes are too tight, unpleasant consequences may occur, such as pain or muscle discomfort. But at the same time, a shoe that is too wide almost inevitably results in the action of rubbing between the foot and the upper.
If on average, in the foowear sector the development in width between one size and the next one, is about 1.5 millimeters, a shoe equipped with a COMMODO system can reach an enlargement of 6 millimeters, covering about four different sizes.
It is no longer necessary to compensate for different fits with a specific shoe last, because COMMODO, enlarging, is able to create the necessary space inside the shoe, affecting the width and adapting to every type of instep and sole of the foot.
It’s finally going to be possible to have shoes perfectly adherent to your feet: COMMODO is the definition of tailor-made shoe.


COMMODO was born as a result of an accurate work of study and research of the materials useful for the creation of a bottom stock and a sole, as well as the process of the construction of a shoe, which must be done respecting and sticking scrupulous guidelines.
You may wonder if there are any constraints regarding the materials that can be used in order to create a COMMODO product: the answer is no.
It is in fact possible to use a plurality of different materials, while preferring the elastic ones, as they will not have to create resistance on the enlargement of the shoe.
In summary COMMODO is the shoe that adapts to everyone, from the sportsperson who needs a tight grip, to the person who moves around on foot, up to those who simply want to enjoy a walk out in the open.
Finally it will no longer be necessary to compromise between aestethics and comfort, adapting even to larger fits, COMMODO will be able to provide a more graceful and enjoyable line without sacrificing the comfort aspect.

If we have not convinced you yet, or for any information regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us at: segreteria@alpisoles.com or at the phone number 0733.898030.

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